With 91 species of birds in the region, the APA Pau Brasil Ecological Reserve is a special place for Bird Watching. We offer programs with specialized guides in Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Exotic paths and wonderful landscapes are not lacking in Búzios. Mountains, slopes and ecological reserves are some of the options when it is time to discover, on foot, what Búzios has the best: Nature! This activity brings several physical benefits, such as increased respiratory and cardiac capacity, increased aerobic capacity and strengthening of the lower limbs.



Nothing is relaxing as taking a horseback ride along the different trails or beaches of Buzios. We offer different options of beautiful and meek animal tours for individuals, couples, families and groups.

If your pleasure is to ride the world by bike, nothing better than to know the peninsula on two wheels. Many paths, trails, walks or even some of the 23 beaches of Búzios by bicycle will make your stay on the peninsula a unique, healthy and unforgettable experience. Have a Bike Day!